Monday, July 21, 2014

authentic faith

Authentic faith.

What is it? Do you have it? Do I?

Is your faith real? Is mine?

Do you absolutely believe in His Word? His truths? His promises? Do I?

These are all questions I can battle on a daily basis & honestly, on a circumstance basis.

Is my God bigger than my problem & situation? Do I believe He can conquer it and help me through it? Do I trust Him enough to help me through it? Do I believe that His plan is better than my own?


Doubt arises & I question my faith. So is my faith authentic?

I believe that authentic faith is more than just saying you believe, it's a movement. An action to your belief.

When we start rooting ourselves in the Word, our behaviors, our words, our actions start reflecting that authentic faith. My behavior overwhelmingly flows from what I believe deep down. 

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