Wednesday, June 4, 2014

God Speaks

Today I feel like sharing a personal story about what God has done and is doing in my life.

I suppose I'd better start out by giving some background! Sometimes I know things before they happen or I know when something is right. You must be thinking "wow this girl is psychic" or maybe "she is nuts". But no! Well I can be a little nuts sometimes but that is besides the point;] Anyway I am nowhere near psychic. You may call it a gift of prophecy or something but I just say that my Holy Spirit senses are tingling. Let me give you an example in case I've befuddled you.

About six to eight months ago I got a call from my boyfriend saying he talked with some organizations about doing work in other countries around the world. There were several opportunities that arose and for awhile he didn't know which trip to go on. Well I prayed and almost right away I felt a peace about one in particular. I knew he would go on this trip and what do you know.. just this week we took him to the airport and sent him on this journey. See I knew it would all work out even before he did! I think God spoke to me in this way so that I would have peace about him going, which I still do and so that I could support him and encourage him. It was like I already knew things would work out and so when road blocks came up and he didn't think he would be able to go I made sure I was right there for him!

God speaks to me often in this manner for more long term things. Another example is about two years ago I know I'd work at the same place one of my parents did for my first job. Mind you, there were no openings at either place when God revealed this to me. So December 2012 rolled along, I graduated high school, still no openings. I waited 3 months and guess what, I started working with my mom.

And one more example for you is that about three years ago I found out God didn't intend for me to go to college... NOT in my plans. I had ALWAYS thought of myself going to college, all of my friends would be. Well I followed His will and haven't gone. I don't know all the reasons for his wanting me to stay home but I have a great job, have grown closer to my family and am doing volunteer work at my church and right now all this is enough. Gods will is enough.

Sometimes I don't completely know why God does the things he does but I do know when my Holy Spirit senses start tingling I'd better follow it because He has the absolute best plans for me!

I don't know if you all get this feeling from time to time... maybe you 'just knew' your husband was the one you'd end up with. But this is just the way God speaks to me. He knows I listen best this way. So maybe for you it is different and that is perfectly fine! Maybe you are like my boyfriend and he communicates to you through the dreams you have. Or maybe you hear things in the sermons at church or in just God's creation! However you hear God speaking to you, listen!!! He desperately wants to talk to you! He wants the best for you. It may not always be easy, believe me, some things he has revealed to me are not easy but we have to listen!

Obey the Spirit of the Lord!

God Bless!

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