Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday's Verse & Prayer {Ruth1:16}

Since this blog has started I've always wanted to something weekly rather than just post. You will still get my posts but God has answered what He wants me to do.

This week I've had several moments during quiet time, a 40 fast I am doing, bible studies, a book I am reading & spending time in the Word, God has prompted me - "Tiffany, you need to start penning My Words on your heart." I know what the Word says, I read it, I soak it in but I tend to forget the exact wording & my actions show it.

In the book I am reading I was slapped in the face. I was slapped in the face because I didn't feel like the mature Christian I should be after almost 8 years. I still feel like a baby. But one thing is I am growing. Over the years I do not think I was growing at the pace I should have been. But now. I know I am growing.

Every Monday I will give you a verse I challenge you to memorize with me over the course of a week & a prayer to go along with that verse.

If you know me, you know this is my favorite verse & I thought it'd be a perfect way to start it out.

Ruth 1:16 -- Where You go, I will go. Where You stay, I will stay. 

I pray that my eyes are open to Your will for me. I pray that I have a mind of understanding & wisdom for when You say go with me, I go. I pray my heart stays when you tell me to stay & not to do things that are pleasing to me by taking matters into my own hands. Humble me, mold me so I can clearly hear your instructions.