Monday, February 24, 2014

let's just take a pause

So many things in my day to day life I think.. Will this really matter? I am mostly talking materialistic items, tangible, worldly things. Like, going to work during the week, doing my mundane tasks while there, cooking food (okay yes that matters for the sake of our health) but cooking food that is "pin worthy" or "instagram worthy", obsessing over a tidy house, social media, and really this list could go on.

I took a pause from writing blog posts because I kept waiting for God to speak to me throughout my quiet time during the weeks for a good blog post. But I kept hearing silence in that department.

Sometimes we just need to pause. Put life on hold.

Because those dirty dishes will still be there waiting for you another moment. 

Someone else's photo of their food is still going to be better than yours.

My newsfeed will still be there whenever it is necessary to check.

But people. They, we, will not always be here.

Putting love into the world to pour into people's souls. That's what matters. 

Those helpless souls out there in this world looking for an answer, feeling empty, not quite sure what's next. They need us. They need our Savior's love. And that love is shown through us.

Of course, I want my home to be clean welcoming in others for a meal. But when I spend 75% of my weekend cleaning & not pouring into the souls of my sweet children, that stuff can wait but my children cannot. They need me. Not a tidy house 24/7. Include them. Be with them. Just stop. 

Same with my husband. He needs me. I want to shower him with love too. But how can I do that with my phone in my hand attached to a world elsewhere & not inside the world of my home.

I always want to minister to people, but am very standoffish about it. But my biggest ministry is within my home. Pouring in the souls of whom God has placed in my life. 

Stop. Just take a pause

It'll be worth it.

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