Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Spiritual Boxing Ring

God is your biggest fan. No matter what place your in.

Always rooting you on.
Never leaving your side when you're elbows deep in the spiritual  boxing ring with the enemy.
He gives you water during breaks, gives advice and sends you back out to keep fighting.
Yes, keep fighting.
Exhausted, wanting to stop and wondering when it will end.
That's all of us.
You're not alone.
We are constantly in spiritual warfare.
We never get to stop.
If we stop then the enemy wins.
We are fighting our guts out for souls.
Our lost parents, addicted children, sick family members and hurting friends.
Our fight isn't always for us.
It's for the ones we love most.
Sometimes we are all they have.
The only prayers spoken for them.
The only ones believing that they can change.
We fight on their behalf.
We declare that the enemy can't have them.
The devil and his team throw punches and we come back with an uppercut to the gut.
Kicking and screaming.
Even if we are bloody and wounded, even if we are down for the count and enemy thinks he's about to win.
Too many people you know are counting on you.
Don't give up so easily.
Just when you think you are about to get KO'D is when you're the closest to winning.
Call a time out.
Talk to your heavenly COACH, take a drink and get back out there in the ring.
Be a champion for Jesus.
Help win souls and never stop fighting.
The Spiritual boxing ring is real life. Our prayers are punches and leading people to Jesus is the ultimate VICTORY.

It's the fight of life or death.

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