Monday, April 7, 2014

He still gives us grace


What does that word mean to you?

When I think of that word, I think I am lucky that God breathes His grace over me. I am blessed. I look around at my life and think to myself, wow. God does love me. My life is covered with His grace. 

But lately I am trying to focus on giving others grace. I want God's grace to shine through me to others. 
Others, who may not even know God.
Others who know of Him.
Others who simply think God has forgotten about them.
Others who already know & love & live for God. 

We all need grace. And we all need to give grace.

My son will be 3 in June. We are almost out of the terrible twos. And quite frankly, he nailed the terrible twos. The kid is like clockwork. Very particular about things (he gets that from his daddy, not me...). The kid needs his sleep. He doesn't mind sleeping in and I love that. But when mommy has to wake up him up all things turn upside down in his world.

At those moments when I want to yell and scream and just totally lose my cool, I look for Jesus. I look for Jesus in my sons eyes. It brings tears to my eyes searching in those big brown eyes because you know what.. I see Him right there in my sons eyes. 

So often we get caught up in our situations we act crazy because we are human, and that will happen. But to try to not act all crazy, to find grace in the moments when I would rather scream at the top of my lungs, but instead calmly search for Jesus.  

How true is this situation in our lives? When I rant and rave because things aren't "my" way. 
God still covers me in grace. 

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