Thursday, April 3, 2014

Love is… But am I?

Love is PATIENT. It never gives up. Am I patient?
When my toddler is unhappy and whiny and I have no idea why, am I patient with him? I need to be taking time to come to his level, attend to his needs, and hug hime. When my husband forgets to do something important that I've asked him? Do I give him grace? I should be understanding there's a lot on his mind, and forgive him. When God says wait, do I push forward with my own agenda? He's God, my guide and creator. He knows what's best for me. I should trust Him when He says wait. He has a better plan than mine could ever be.

Love is KIND, caring for others more than self. Am I kind?
Do I give of my time to people who are in need? Am I courteous and hold the door for someone who needs it? I should be saying "thank you" more often, sending loving cards, and investing in people's lives. God help me to be kind to people I don't want to be. And most of all to the people closest to me. Give me a kind hearted spirit.

Love does not boast and is not pridefulAm I boastful? Or prideful?
Do my actions or words show off myself and my accomplishments? What are my intentions behind my actions?  Lord, teach me to be humble.

Love is not self-seeking. It does not get mad at every little thing.
When I communicate my feelings and needs, I don't want it to be completely self-seeking. Yes, I need to be able to communicate what I'm feeling, but I also need to be listening to others and their feelings. What are my intentions in my actions? Do I focus on what I'm getting out of it? Love is not about me. It's not "me-first". Jesus - remind me to let the little things go. Allow me to give grace and forgiveness on the little things that anger me. 

Am I protecting my marriage by keeping my vows sacred? Do I look out for the best interest of my husband? Do I protect my friends and family by not breaking their trust or gossiping about them? God - allow me to learn what it means to protect my family and friends. And to protect my spiritual life.

Do I assume the worst or think people's intentions are different than they are? Why don't I just expect the best in everyone? Trust is hard, especially when you've been hurt or your trust has been broken before. I pray I can trust my husband without reserve. And be trustworthy. And trust the Lord without borders.

Do I hope for the best or always expect the worst? I have hope in the Lord and the promises He has planned for me because of His love for me. Help my love for others in my life, and people in general, to show hope for their lives.

I never want to give up on love. That's what Jesus' life was about. That's why He died on the cross. I will always fight for love and what is means to love someone. Jesus- show me how to continuously love like you and never give up fighting for love.


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  1. Oh How I loved and needed this... I need it engraved in my brain. Thank you