Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to make time for God when you don't have time

I have a kinda embarrassing confession to make. I guess I always try to lie to myself, but lately, even if the truth hurts I've been searching my own heart and admitting my faults.

I'm terrible at following through with some commitments. I would definitely rather now commit to anything so I didn't have to cancel anything. For example, if I commit to going to my bible study then I don't have time for the homework most days. But, at least I showed up right? Who can blame me? I'm a busy mom, trying to run multiple business and writing on 4+ blogs. It's hard to juggle all those things. Things in which I say "yes" to  way more than I should. I guess I'm not great at time managment either so I rush around last minute to get things done too if I can muster up enough energy to get them done. 5 hour energy shots are a must for me. I'm running on an empty tank lately. Just plain exhausted. So where do I have time for God if I don't even have time for myself? Let alone time for a shower.

Post it notes are perfect for writing scriptures on and spiritual reminders on them. Place them on the mirror so when you are getting ready you can read them. Especially when blow drying your hair!

Make small prayer lists like things and people to pray for.
Scriptures, quotes & anything uplifting.

I personally have a post it note on the dash of my car by the volume knob that says "PRAY."
Everytime I look at it, it reminds me to talk to God. Praise Him, pray in the spirit, thank Him, prayer over circumstances and declare victories!

Seriously ladies, the Bible app is amazing for busy days. Read the daily verse and when you have a minute, grab your phone and read some more. Anytime you have a second meditate on the daily verse!

I use the YouVersion Bible App.

After you put the kids in bed, find an awesome sermon on youtube and lay in bed or take a bubble bath!
You can also read a daily devotional or your bible! If you get the kids on a nightly routine then it is a lot easier to have a few minutes to yourself at night to spend with God.

Remember, He is #1 in our lives! So let's make Him a priority in our busy lives!

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