Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Relationship With Love

"...there is no real reality, no full life, outside of the relationship with Love,
because God Himself wraps Himself eternally in relationship; God the 
Father, God the Son, and God the Goly Spirit existing in relationship, an 
encircling dance of communion sweetest.  
God is love - everywhere! everything! - and He can only be love
because He exists in triune relationship...
I can't simply ignore His serenade because I'm unsure, uncomfortable, 
uninterested, thinking I've claimed Christ as my Savior already anyways.
God is relationship and He woos us to relationship and there is nothing
with God if there is no relationship."

Ann Voskamp, 1,000 Gifts

Happy Friday all!  I am just wrapping up Ann Voskamp's book, 1,000 Gifts, and it has been soooo good!  It has brought so much perspective to me on faith and thankfulness and intimate relationship with my Savior.  The quote above struck me because so many times I've believed the lie that "I've claimed Christ as my Savior anyway" and forgotten that I have nothing that really fulfills me outside of real and intimate relationship with Him.  Lord how I've failed to wrap myself up in you even though you constantly pursue me!

Forget about the rules, the traditions, the ideas of how things should be for a moment.  Put aside judgments of what a real Christ follower should look like or sound like or act like for a moment and just BE with the Lover of Your Soul!  Find your peace and your joy in relationship with your Father.  Nurture your relationship with Him like you would with a boyfriend or husband or child.  Spend time getting to know Him.  What is His personality like?  How does He really feel about you?  He will meet you right where you are at and He will fill you like no other on Earth can!  I promise you if you take the time to find your identity in real relationship with the One who created you, your life will change.

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