Monday, November 11, 2013

Be grateful, for He is Good

It's that time of year where thankfulness is the main topic. 

I look at the world & see a lot of broken & hurting people. People that don't have as much as me, people that have more than me... And they are still so broken, left empty. 

There are days that pass that I do not thank the Lord for everything in my life & I hold my head low admitting that. But it's true. We can so easily take everything for granted. We can so easily thank other things that is visible & we sometimes forget the One who actually gave it all to us. 

It being Veteran's Day, if you are in America, take a moment & really thank God for all those soldiers out there that are fighting for US. While we are sitting in our homes with our families "trying to get by" they are sitting somewhere else other than their homes & not with their families fighting for their lives. I thank God for the men & women He has serving our country.

But mostly, this season.. Thank Him. Thank Him for His glorious & radiant Son, Jesus Christ. He gave it ALL for us. I sit here quietly in my bedroom typing away on a computer... And ultimately it all comes down to.. He gave it to me. 

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