Friday, November 1, 2013


I teach a class on conflict resolution every Monday morning at an 18-month rehab program at our local women and children's shelter.  I love spending time with these women each week because I feel like I am learning right along with them often times.  Each week I have started writing on the board this quote during class: "When we consider our debts to each other, they pale in comparison to the debts that the Lord has forgiven us each and every day.  We have been forgiven so much!"  

Sometimes we become so wrapped up in a frustrating or painful situation that we forget that every single day God forgives us over and over.  He forgives the "little" sins each day... the judgmental thoughts that cross our mind, the sarcastic response to our co-worker, spouse or child, the little fib we tell to get us out of a sticky situation, the curse the slips out when we stub our toe or our failure to truly love our neighbor as ourself.  The list is endless and I'll be the first to admit that I don't even realize the amount of sins I commit every day!  Thank JESUS for his forgiveness!  Not only is he constantly forgiving these sins but he pardons my greatest sins... the deep dark ones that I hide from the world.  His blood covers my most painful mistakes, my ugliest of choices.  When I stop and thing about the depths of His love for me and the price that He paid to forgive me every day so that my sins wouldn't kill me, it becomes harder to hold grudges.  That harsh word that was spoken to me - I've said worse to God.  The person who cheated me out of what was rightfully mine - I've been forgiven for doing this as well.  The person who didn't show me the love and affection I craved?  I often ignore God, I am forgiven for that as well.  I know that some deep hurts take time and healing before we are able to come to a place of forgiveness but are you holding on to something out of stubbornness or pride or spite?  It might help to take a moment to remember just how much you have been forgiven for!

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