Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yet will I trust him

Friends! This past weekend has been a trying time for me. If it was not one thing it was another. I mean my cell phone was stolen to top it off...COME ON! Surely Satan had my name on his top priority list. Let me tell you, he almost had me...almost. I was so close to resorting back to my old ways. Giving in to his schemes. Allowing my fleshly ways of handling things come in to play. By the grace of God and all that I have learned over the last three months, I remained strong in my faith and Satan got a taste of some powerful fighting words. Prayer! Oh yes my friends...I came at him like a ninja. Kung Fo Prayer Ninja.

Tiffany and I had just come off of a great bible study session. I know God placed that lesson in my hands THAT week because he knew what Satan had in store for me. We covered one verse in our study that I just kept repeating to myself during my dark weekend. Praise God I made it through the weekend and nobody came up missing. But I know Satan is not done with me yet...he will be back. This I can count on...but I am so blessed to know that I have the victory. God is faithful and I have the warriors to back me. My prayer warriors.

In our Bible Study "When Godly People Do Ungodly Things" Beth Moore. We discussed a scripture in Jeremiah.

Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Sit on that for a minute. We have all heard this a million times. Amazing right!?! Just to know that God has my back. He wants me to have the victory.

BUT on the other side of the spectrum is...Satan. Waiting...scheming...plotting that POISON. Waiting to counterfeit Gods victory. He has an agenda and my and I are TOP PRIORITY. I was still on a spiritual high from our bible study. Of course Satan had a bulls eye on me.

I want you to take that same verse...Jeremiah 29:11, now what do you think of what Satan would say?
If you are thinking..."For I know the plans I have for you, plans to mentally and physically bankrupt you, rip away all hope and destroy your life" BINGO! He does not want to see any victory in your life. Friends, that just gave me some major goose bumps! This is how I felt this weekend. Totally mentally and physically lost, I had no idea what was going to happen and my life...psh...good heavens I was entering the Debby Downer stage. Christ surely whipped me out of that nonsense real quick.

I am human. The flesh will always steer in one direction. It is up to me/us to snap ourselves out of it and hold on tight to Gods word. That is why it is so very important to imprint his word in our hearts. For seasons just as I was having. I was about ready to hit a full blown rampage. Then just about as I was about to break down...I cried. Prayed and cried some more and I kept remembering "For I KNOW the plans I HAVE FOR YOU...plans to PROSPER you and NOT to harm you...plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE". God just sent a calmness over me and I was able to just chill. I was still deeply hurting inside but I was able to have a sound mind about myself.

I sit here in tears knowing that God has a greater plan for me. I don't know why I was attacked this weekend. BUT I do believe that I was allowed to be tested by Satan to prove faithful to God. I am still sorting through what happened. Taking it a day at a time and prayer after prayer. I know that there was a reason my phone was stolen. God wanted me to seek his wisdom, his guidance rather then calling my friends or someone else. He works all things together for our good.

Beloved, I ask you to please keep me in prayer. An unspoken prayer request would be gladly appreciated. I believe God is doing a work in my life and this situation this weekend was just the start of a positive change for those dear to my heart. I believe I believe I believe. This is what I am asking God for this Christmas.


  1. I read a quote by Joyce Meyer recently, that helped me with this issue, of trusting God. It said, "Instead of being ruled by our emotions when we're confronted with problems, we should calm down and focus on doing what God has called us to do. If you're upset about something, instead of letting it ruin your life, turn it into something good."

    I wrote about it here, if you're interested...

  2. Praying for you! Always here for you. Satan is so nasty but just when we are about to have a break through that is when satan tries to stop us the most! Keep going to the finish line!