Monday, February 25, 2013

Marriage: Leader

This week I am moving on from the wife roles to the husband roles.

The first & second weeks were about respect & forgiveness.

This week...


As a woman, we all crave this in our husbands. The first song that pops into my head is Lead Me by Sanctus Real.

At our ceremony our pastor Adam challenged Chris to this.

Be the leader of your marriage: too many men sit idly back while their wives take charge, there is nothing wrong with a the wife who works, and has many responsibilities but you need to be the leader of your marriage. You need to be the one creating date nights, you need to be the one challenging Tiffany to be a better wife by encouraging her, by loving her. In Genesis 3 after Eve sins and takes the bite of the fruit, God comes looking for Adam because he failed at leading his marriage. God is so happy with you two coming together in marriage but now you are stepping up your responsibility.

Of course I think, well said :) Made me excited hearing this challenge for my almost husband at that point.

1 Corinthians 11:3 -- Now I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, & the head of the woman is man, & the head of Chris is God.

For me, a strong leader makes it easy to forgive your husband & it makes you want to submit to your husband & Respect him.

If you feel your husband struggles in this area, let it be known that you crave a leader. Don't demand him & say he needs to be a leader because he sucks at it.. That will definitely turn him the wrong way. But just be honest with him, let him listen to that song! It'll stick. I promise.

As wives, we all deserve a strong leader head over ourselves & our family. Do not try to change your husband but ENCOURAGE him!!

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  1. Love this! When I first heard that song, I was nervous to tell my husband how much I liked it...I didn't want him to feel bad. A short while later, he told me about the song and we had a great conversation about it.