Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Faith Can Do

Today I'm reflecting on faith. For many reasons. First, this week my tiny baby boy turned 6 months old. (He's not so tiny anymore.) I am reminded every single day what a gift and a blessing he is. I waited for him for a long time. I was patient in the waiting. But in the process of trying to start a family, I lost two babies. I was angry, hurt, grieving. But those losses allowed me to experience God's peace that passes all understanding. It allowed me to see the quiet, unspoken world of countless women who have also lost babies. God prepared me to reach out to friends who were grieving for their unborn children as well. That waiting... taught me to grow stronger in my faith. And God reassured me that He had a plan; He had a special baby just for my husband and I. And it was HIS timing, NOT mine, that mattered the most. Thank you Jesus for strengthening my faith in those times. Thank you for my 6 month old Miles.

I have a friend that has been trying to have their second child for over a year. She watched me go through my second miscarriage and then my pregnancy, and eventual birth of Miles all the while hurting inside for her chance. She also watch with hidden anger many of her friends had babies with no trouble getting pregnant at all. My friend has had her faith tested and tried. She has wanted to give up many many times; she was angry with God. BUT today... praise God that she is in her second trimester with a healthy baby growing! She kept her faith. She let go of her plans, decided that God was in control and chose to have faith.

I also have another friend who cannot physical carry a child. Her and her husband have been in the process of adopting for a while. In the last few weeks, they have had many opportunities from birth mothers looking for a caring, loving family to take their child in and raise them. Soon my friend will be going to California to meet their baby's mother and be able to go to a doctor appt to meet their little one via ultrasound for the first time. Their faith in God's plan and miracles has strengthened them during the waiting, wondering, and dreaming of their own baby. 

 Reading Andee's post  yesterday about faith, waiting, and trusting in God about her future reminded me about my own journey of faith. What we want for our lives and when we think it should come about... is not necessarily what God KNOWS is best for us. There are lessons to be learned when we are asked to waiting. There is trust to be maintained when we are asked to do something we aren't comfortable with. Miracles can happen. Silent prayers can be answered. Broken hearts can be renewed.

That's what FAITH can do.

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  1. So beautiful, thank you! I experienced the loss of my first pregnancy as well and can identify with the feelings that you described. I can never be reminded enough that God's timing is best for me. Miles is precious - so excited that you get to celebrate his 6 month milestone!