Thursday, July 25, 2013

7 Ways to Practice Peace

On my iPhone Bible App, I'm currently going through a short daily devotional by Joyce Meyer. It's just a short read and a verse everyday called Promises for Your Everyday Life. I read it in the morning just to get my day started right. One of them last week really hit me because of it simplicity and I wanted to share it with you today! So many people in our world are searching for peace and often times what we choose to do can block that perfect peace God wants to give to us. We say "yes" to too many plans, hurry through everyday life and decisions which can lead us to missing what God wants to say to us and do in our lives. This devotional was a short but very good reality check of how to practice this important fruit of the Spirit - Peace.

7 Ways to Practice Peace

"Living in God's peace is vital to enjoying life. I believe that one of the kets to living with peace in your life is taking small steps toward peace every day. Here are a few tips you can use to develop a more peaceful lifestyle.

1. Be selective with how you spend your time. You may be trying to do too many things and end up doing none of them well. Hurrying is the flesh trying to do more than the Holy Spirit is leading you to do. Be led by the Spirit.

2. Be prepared to say "no" nicely. Sometimes we take on things we shouldn't because we're uncomfortable saying no. As God to give you the words to say no when you need to. (This is me!)

3. Resist the spirit of procrastination (this is also me!). God's Word tells us to exercise self-discipline. Do what you know you need to do now so you can fully enjoy your times of rest.

4. Eliminate key distractions. If you know you are prone to certain distractions, such as watching TV or surfing the internet, set some guidelines for yourself.

5. Set appropriate boundaries for interruptions. Life is full of interruptions, but you can learn to set boundaries that help you manage them in healthy ways, such as scheduling times when you are "off limits." Schedule time to give yourself a break!

6. Modify your life. Ask God to show you out-of-the-box ways to save time and trouble. For instance, when I don't have time to do the dishes, I use paper plates!

7. Pray and listen. If you can see that your plan is not producing peace, go back to God, pray for peace int he now, and for the wisdom to make change that will benefit your life.

The bottom line is to make peace a priority, take practical steps toward it, and let God lead you every day into His perfect peace that passes all understanding."

Day 28, 7 Ways to Practice Peace
Joyce Meyer

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