Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY Car Freshener Redo

This project will literally take you about 10 minutes!

 The other day I was admiring a pretty cross hanging from the rearview mirror of the car in front of me in traffic.  I glanced at the scented freshener hanging from mine and a little lightbulb went on... that thing is like a blank canvas!  I decided to take it down and decorate it to make my car a little more personalized and homey.  You can do this with any size/shape you've got.

I knew I wanted a picture of my boys on one side.  I was going to type out my wording for the opposite side of the picture, but my dang printer wouldn't work sooooo, I wrote it by hand copying the fonts that I liked!  If you have a hard time with lettering, by all means print it out, or you could even cut something out of a magazine or old book.

Trace the images you want using the air freshener and then cut 'em out.  I used double sided sticky tape because I didn't want to mess with glue but use whatever works for you.  I went the extra mile and added some glitter because I have a slight obsession with sparkle.  This was a seriously simple project but I'm so happy with the result!!  This would make a great grandparent or Aunt/Uncle gift too :)

I know this next pic is a little tricky to see but I loved the reflections off of the window!


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