Monday, January 13, 2014

God took me out of my comfort zone by no mistake

I started a bible study with my church.. Sacred Secrets by Beth Moore a couple weeks ago. It is definitely a different type of study for Beth.. It is more of a journal set up & more questions about me. Personal questions. Things I've never thought about before. Or things I've buried deep down never wanting to resurface again.

Friday mornings I sit in a study with 8 other women all over the age of 40. 7 of them over the age of 65. Then you have me, a 28 year old. God didn't randomly put me in this group of seasoned Christian women.

Most women I "hang out" with are similar in age to me. We will just say ages 20-40 is my "comfort zone." 

When I showed up there one morning, nervous, but excited because this is my first study with my church. One by one women came in.. Older than I expected. I anticipated I'd have some young stay at home moms with kids around my kids ages. But God had something different in store for me.

All these pretty greyed hair women (but like 2, myself included) filled up our table. I smiled from ear to ear. My heart was happy. My heart was excited. My heart was content. 

I listen to things they went through in their life, things I am currently going through, their victories in areas I can't wait to wrap my hands around these victories. Hope. They give me hope. 

Seeing a women well in age so on fire for God gives me hope. It gives me hope that my fire for the Lord won't go away with age, unless I let it. I hope one day I can say 60 years ago I accepted Christ to reign over my life. And I hope one day I can tell that to a young 20 something year old.

I love that God placed these women in my life. One I saw in Church on Sunday & just couldn't help but to wrap my arms around & give her a hug. 

We all need mentors in life. Mentors can be younger & older. And honestly I have 1 stronger young one, my sister, Taylar (who also writes on this blog). I have several mentors that are my age range. My mom, because.. Well it is my mom. 

I always quietly told God... "I'd love to have some sweet old ladies in my life that has a burning passion for You."

I didn't expect it on Friday mornings in a sweet bible study. But He gave it to me.

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