Monday, January 6, 2014

this year i'm going to be more radical in belief

It's that time of year again.. The New Year.. Where everyone is positive & intentional. Why can't I live this way all year round? I'm a person who does not make resolutions anymore. I always break them. I always set the bar way too high & never accomplish them. And by January 5th, I am done.

So instead of resolutions.. I make goals. Goals just seem like a better idea of accomplishing something. At least for me. 

Last year I made some goals for myself...

  • to serve the Lord, each & every day, to be a witness & example
  • to love my husband unconditionally
  • to capture & cherish my kids each & every day
  • to wear more lipstick
Let me tell you something about last year... 
I served the Lord every day. I was in the Word 95% of the days (I wasn't perfect but I know I made it a point to be in His presence every day). I was more aware of my behavior & who I was influencing in the process. 
I learned to love my husband more than any other human on this earth. This may be a given, but some days are difficult. Sometimes we fight. But I learned that no matter what. Act in love Tiffany. 
I took lots of pictures of my kids. Yeah, they may have not been on my camera but on my phone, so in those moment photos. I cherished them a bit more than I had in the past. The mother role began to develop more within me. 
And yes, I wore more lipstick. I had about 3 sticks of lipstick in 2012.. I now have about 30. I had to throw in some fun!

But the thing is I made it something I knew I could accomplish, some things that we may not try for on a daily basis, or we do.. It's just realistic.

My relationship with the Lord flourished last year. And I owe Him for every thing else in my life that happened last year. I can say hands down.. 2013 was my best year on this planet.

So for 2014 what goals have I made...
  • continue my goals of 2013
  • to have a deeper & more intimate relationship with my Savior, each & every day, more than last year
  • to be radical in belief, like joseph was in trusting God to marry mary
  • to spend more time in real life, less time in social media, unplug
  • shop less, be content with what I have.. utilize those 30 tubes of lipstick, read those unread books on my bookshelf.. be content. period
Here is what are some resources I've been influenced by or will use to help me accomplish my 2014 goals.

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