Monday, December 16, 2013

a strive for perfection

This year as Christmas approaches I have been reflecting over what Christmas really means. 

I've seen everywhere, Jesus is the reason for the season! And I love it. Sometimes I wonder if I lived in a hole & never realized this catchy saying until this year. Regardless, Jesus IS the reason for this time of year. He is the reason for Christmas. 

Of course I had to find a printable & put it at my front door!
During my devotional time earlier this week I came across a "wow" moment. I love those, times where everything just clicks. And it's something so simple but the Holy Spirit just REALLY speaks to you LOUDLY. 

I will never be perfect. And I know this. But as a Christian we strive for perfection in a lot of things. But what do we strive for when we know we will never be perfect?

Christ was & is perfect. How beautiful is this? He is our example. To become Christ like. 

I wrote this poem, I know it's not really a poem but it's my journal so I can call it one!
As a wife, I love my husband so much that I try harder to please him. I do things for him out of love. 

So as a daughter of the King it's not any different. I love Him so much that I simply try harder to please Him too. I walk in His ways out of love. 

I desire this. 

I crave this.

It's not that I want approval of anyone or Him because I know He already approves of me.. But I want to please Him & honor Him.

No, I will never be perfect. But Christ is & He has set me free.

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