Monday, December 9, 2013

When God Says "Yes, Now"

The Lord has put a passion on my heart to lead. Lead what I had not a clue. I don't do well telling others what to do & I can easily be distracted. So at first I was confused why He would put this on my heart. But I trusted Him.

I became one apart of the thousands of women across the world to join the Good Morning Girls community. I got linked into a group of women from all over via a Facebook group. I loved it. It was a way to stay accountable & in the Word consistently & interact with other women.
An opportunity arose to apply for the Mentorship program to become a leader. I felt a tug on my heart. So I signed up. And I got into it! I was excited & I loved this 2 week process. At the conclusion of it I still didn't feel "ready" to lead, so I said I wasn't going to start until January after the holiday's but I'd still be apart of a group just not lead.

The Thanksgiving study came & I was feeling unmoved within my group like I needed more. So I said, God? Now? You want me to start for the Advent study? Are you sure?

The next morning I woke up & it was so heavy on my heart that I knew He wanted me to move now. So I sent a message off to friends on Facebook. I got an overwhelming positive response. I felt so blessed. I still feel so blessed.

One week has passed into this Advent study with Good Morning Girls & I feel so amazing & beyond blessed by it.
So I thought back to what God laid on my heart awhile back & feel so rewarded by this. He knew I could do this where I thought I could not. And I still cannot without Him.

Leading an online study may be small to some but it huge to me.

Be blessed.

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