Monday, December 2, 2013

9 Reasons Why I Love Fall

Here is California, fall comes in November. I grew up in the midwest, fall came every other day, just depends what the mood mother nature was in that day. By November rolls around I am dying to pull out my boots & hoodies & wear big ol' baggy sweatpants. 

I've been writing in my journal things of gratitude. I am so thankful for everything in my life because I know God has provided me with it all. So this lead me to writing about fall. Because who doesn't love fall? Here are just some of my reasons. 

Reasons why I love fall?

1. The drinks. Why do we have to wait all year long for pumpkin anything? Hot cider is now acceptable too.

2. The leaves. Hello gorgeous radiant colors. God's beauty is so point blank in fall time. It's like all of a sudden I am aware of how grateful I am of trees.
 3. Football. I may not over indulge nearly as much as I used to. But a football game echoing through my house is plenty for me. 

4. I can wear long sleeves & enjoy being at a park with the babes not sweating bullets.
 5. I can finely convince my husband to use the fireplace. Well it's December 2nd & it's yet to be turned on, but hey he did say I could use it.

6. Thanksgiving. A time to reflect how grateful you are. A time to come together with family. A time to eat more than you can stand. 

7. Christmas lights. Christmas trees. The earlier the better right? That's my motto. Holidays make my home so much more homey!

8. Mantle decorations steps it up about 10 notches. 
 9. Pumpkins. They are so pretty. Real ones on my front door step or fake ones on my mantle, they just look so content.

What do you love about fall? The weather? The radiant colors? 

Now on to a month reflecting Christ as our Savior!

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  1. I agree with every single one except using the fireplace. Here in GA its not always cold in the fall, nor winter. So ours is just for looks lol