Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spiritual Pen Pal's

Who loves getting stuff in the mail? I know this girl does. I literally look forward to checking the mail each & every day. Now a days most of my bills comes via email so the mailbox gives me surprises these days!! Well surprises as when to the stuff I ordered gets there :)

I love snail mail, but I am actually quite terrible at sending things. Occasionally I get the birthday card out on time, typically it is late. But I love getting a letter or a card from a girl friend. 

Julie & I were talking about Pen Pal's the other day & then I got to thinking, I love to write, I love to get things in the mail, I love encouraging & reaching out to anyone I can... Why not start a pen pal relationship through the blog? 

There is no monetary commitment other than sending out a sweet note of encouragement, a card, a index card with Scriptures. WHATEVER you feel led to send your sweet new girl friend in Christ! Julie spoke to me at Bible Study this week a verse that God told her to give to me. I was so ecstatic over her speaking those words to me that if I got that excited over that how excited would I be to get a note card of Scripture in the mail?! Okay so it's the little things that get me :)

All you need to do right now is fill out this form below & submit it. You will be assigned a lady with an email from us! If you cannot see form below, please click HERE.

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  1. Long before a 1300 number, modern mobile phones and communication gadgets are born, snail mails are already the most important mode of communication. :)