Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Reading

Happy New Year!
At what point do we stop saying that?
Because honestly for me it will take until maybe March for 2013 to really set in my head.
Regardless of what is going on in my head, my heart is ready for the New Year.
Last week I talked about some of my personal Resolutions Life Changers.
Those I plan to work on daily, heart and mind. Days I will fall...probably hard.
I just have to set my mind to getting right back on track with Christ.
I can rest assured because I know our God is a forgiving God.
With his help I can be made blameless until his arrival.
To help me along the way this year and keep me focused on Gods word.
 I have picked up some new reading materials.
I used to be a big book worm. Somehow life just got really busy and I have fallen away from those fabulous words on paper. There is nothing like a good paper bound book!
Here is my reading bundle for the first couple months of the year.
Along with some current bible studies I am working on.


Bible Studies:
As I go through the books I will share just a few highlights, key points that really stood out to me.
Have you read any of these books?
Are there any books that the girls and I should add to our reading lists?
xx Andrea xx

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  1. Beth Moore is AMAZING.
    I read that So Long Insecurity...such a great book and study.