Thursday, August 15, 2013

Be Still and Know

All of the following things have happened in my life the last month:

  • My husband and I made the decision to follow God's leading and move back to our home state of Indiana (from Arizona.)
  • We put our house in AZ up for sale (cleaning, packing, showings.)
  • My husband began looking/applying for other jobs
  • My grandfather was moved into a nursing home and continues to decline in health
  • Found out my other grandfather needed open heart surgery, which, praise the Lord went well yesterday
  • We were planning my son's 1st birthday parties (yes, two of them)
  • Our house sold in one week. Holy cow.
  • We traveled to Indiana for 10 days - where my husband got a fantastic job offer, we looked at 11 homes in 2 counties, found a house we loved, put an offer on it and celebrated my son's 1 year birthday with two parties in two days.
Oh did I mention, now that we're back in AZ... we officially move back to IN for good in 10 days. And we're living with my parents, who thought they were going to be empty nesters when my brother went to college... [sorry Mom & Dad] AND... we're closing on our new house middle of September.

I'm sure I'm missing something else, but just writing all of that makes me stressed! Not to mention so many other decisions that have had to be made. And you can't please everyone with all the decisions you make, even though you're trying to do what's best for your family. So there's physical loss of sleep and just exhaustion, mental strain making tons of big decisions and planning ahead, emotional stress of these huge changes in your life... and all I want to do is be STILL.

Every step of this process has been God led. He has put things specifically on our hearts so that we would continue to follow His will. And we've been praying and praising Him every single day. But in the midst of all the decisions and planning and packing... even though we know we're following God's will, He still wants us to be still. He asks us to just take a moment to breathe. To pray. To lean on Him for strength. There have been plenty of times just in the last week that I've cried aloud, "The joy of the Lord is my strength!" and "Jesus give me strength!" because I know that it can only come from Him. But he also wants us to just stop and rest. To be still and know that He is God. To revel in His glory and His grace. To breathe in His spirit and know that only HE can rejuvenate me!

So whether your last few weeks or today is absolutely crazy or if maybe you just need strength... 


  1. Hi Kelly! How fun to find your blog!

    I met my husband in Tucson, and my daughter lives in Indiana, so wow...I think we have a couple of connections :) I am sure your parents are thrilled to have some time with you.

    But what a stressful time for you, yikes. I hope that all goes well, as it seems to be going now. God is good!

    I think I should join your blog! LOL! Come on over and see me sometime too, I'd love to see you!

    1. Thank you for following our blog! - Tiffany

    2. Sounds like we do have a couple connections! I'm glad you found us! Please continue to follow us and feel free to share our blog with others! Our goal is just to reach and encourage women of God and women seeking God!

  2. Thanks for the follow & visiting my blog girl! I am loving your blog content! <3 The Lord is amazing & I see his blessings in my life & all around, daily!
    I followed you back! So glad we came across each other & I want to stay in touch!
    Oh & today on my blog I wrote about my weekly blessings. I call it Thankful Thursday! I would love for you to check it out & let me know some of your weekly blessings! :)