Monday, August 12, 2013

What is my purpose?

Have you ever thought - "what's my purpose in this world?"

God has spoke to me directly saying, Tiffany, look right in front of you. Do you see that girl? I put her there. Do you see this job you go to? I put that there too. Do you see this house? I put that there too. Do you see your neighbor? I put them there. Those kids that call you mom? I blessed you with those healthy babes. And that amazing husband of yours. I made him for you.
I have entrusted them to be apart of your life. Right now where you are, is where I want you.

Do you ever have one of those moments where God speaks so loudly to you, you think to yourself how the heck did I ever miss it? My husband, my kids, & I live in California. 2000 miles away from our entire family. There is a reason why I am here. God put me here to do something. He gave me a group of godly women to be apart of my life here, to help me grow, for me to help them grow.

I love knowing this. 

When someone comes into my office just to talk because honestly they have no one else to talk to, I sit there quietly & ask God, okay God what do you need me to do for her?

When my 4 year old daughter is amazed that God can hear her even when she whispers, I sit back & think wow God you gave me this little girl to pour into. To be an influence to her. And then when I hear my 2 year old son mimic his sister by saying God made the mountains, I think a 2 year old.. A 2 YEAR OLD is speaking Truth. And I get to be apart of it. I get to encourage it. 

I get to have my Bible wide open with them while they are coloring. I can tell them the things I am reading, I can help them memorize Scripture. 

That amazing first house we were fortunate to buy that I sometimes complain that I get to spend another day cleaning it.. Then God reminds me. I blessed you with this house. If I took your blessing away, what would you clean?

When I know my husband would do absolutely anything for me & know he will be there next to me & support me & who I am. My perfectly imperfect husband forgives me for the millionth time for having to deal with my attitude. The man God designed specifically for me to be a wife to. Yeah that blessing. 

Every time that you feel overwhelmed with the question, what is my purpose for this? Pray to God & have Him reveal it to you. But if you think of those things as blessings from God & if they weren't there you'd begin to realize what your purpose is in life.

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