Thursday, August 29, 2013

Check Yourself

The last few weeks have been crazy for me and my family as we've moved across the country, from Arizona to Indiana. It's been exhausting, frustrating, exciting, and so busy... all at the same time. There been lots of decisions made quickly and lots of things to look forward to. And while my husband and I live with my parents for the next 3 weeks and going back and forth seeing other family, sometimes our exhaustion or selfishness gets the best of us (or others) and attitudes can start to go south. I have prayed through all this transition that God would give me a good attitude toward my husband, especially, but to others around me as well. It's not always easy because sometimes the attitudes, words, or actions of others affect the way I feel as well. But there are two main things I've been doing to make sure I'm checking my attitude during the day.

1. Pray!
     If I'm praying and asking for God to help me have a good attitude, how does he know how I will react unless he tests me? So... I pray to be prepared for situations and people that are before me. I pray for the people who have had hurtful words or wrong attitudes towards me. I pray for a right, clean, pure heart and loving words to say. I start with prayer because I know I need God's help.

2. Do what Jesus Did
     It's cheesy and society has turned it into a cliche' but, seriously, in the moment you have to ask yourself, "what would Jesus do?" How would Jesus react in this situation? How would he want me to react? What would he want me to say? There are times when God says it's okay to stand up for myself and my family, but in a loving way. And it's important to not get caught up in other's attitudes. I choose my attitude - others don't choose it for me. Sometimes it means keeping my mouth shut and my prayers loud. Sometimes it means pleasing others because you love someone. Sometimes it means choosing not to involve yourself in a situation any more than you have to. But I think, "how would Jesus want me to react?"

That's it. Praying and making sure I'm speaking and acting how God commands me. Prayer prepares me for the people and situations I will encounter. And when I act how Jesus would, then I know I'm following His example. Sometimes you need to check yourself and your attitude!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting I really really really needed to hear this. My attitude has been on my heart so strongly in the last few weeks, it's just more evidence that God really wants me to work on my attitude. I can be down right evil in the mornings! I am quick to react and horrible at stopping, thinking and then reacting. This post has helped to push home that I am not the only one my attitude affects. My husband and I have a clear understanding that we play off of each other's attitudes. I have always known that but when I am in my too early to be up with all three kids trying to get one off to school and another one fed, all while carrying around another while he lays in bed still sound asleep mood. I don't think about how he just had surgery and is on medication, he stayed up later than I did (even if it was to play his newest video game), and that he got up with me when our youngest woke up demanding to be fed and changed. It isn't until later that I realize all of this. It takes practice but I have to "train" myself to stop in those moments, Kallie can take a few minutes of unsupervised getting ready for school time, I can let Elliot run around like a crazy man for a few minutes before breakfast, and little Jack can be hang out in his bassinet just a few moments longer, and prayer to God and ask for a better attitude and help me to react better like Jesus did. Sometimes I just take life so fast and I don't take the time to slow down and do it the right way. So here goes I'm turning a new leaf RIGHT NOW!