Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Money Money Money

One thing that you should know about me is that I do not like to open my wallet!! I do NOT like to spend money! I am the biggest saver! Whenever I do buy something (which isn't often) my family makes a creeeeeeeak noise to signify my wallet opening and then a snap to indicate it is shut for a while. You may be thinking... wow that is not me... I spend money like crazy. Well I have good news for you if you want to get better at saving money there are some resources out there for you that have inspired me! 

Dave Ramsey has written many books about financial stability. If you haven't gotten to read any of his books whether you are good with money or not so good I highly recommend his book titled Financial Peace. Dave explains how to manage money in a Christ-like fashion. He's has been on many christian radio stations and frequently ties God into our moo-lah!!! After all God gives us jobs to earn money and since he has blessed us enough to have both those things it truly belongs to him and he wants us to take care of it and be wise with it.

Matthew 6:24       "No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money."   

It isn't about how much green you have but about how you manage what you do have. Your God given blessing. Here are some of Dave's tips that have really stuck with me.  
  1.  When it seems like you have a million things to pay off, school loans, car payment, mortgage, credit card... it all adds up. But here is one way to make it easier on yourself, figure out how much you owe on each then, put them in order from least to greatest. Once you can pay off the smallest one then compile that money you were paying on the smallest and put it with what you are already paying on the next to smallest until you have that expense payed off then continue on up until you are to the largest. You do this smallest to largest so you pay them off quicker and see progress. It would take much less time to pay off your $600 credit card bill than it would your entire mortgage.
  2. GET RID OF PLASTIC!!!!! I heard Dave on the radio the other day he told listeners, "Use cash while shopping and browsing if you can because George, Benjamin, and Abe have feelings. It's just a little harder to spend those bills as opposed to swiping a card and if you are trying to save then use cash when you can!
  3. Find a budget that works for you and your family. Plan out how much the bills will cost this week or month and ask God what you should spend on other things. For example I get paid every two weeks and each pay check I save twenty dollars for gifts and put it in an envelope. Twenty dollars for just spending money and put it in an envelope. And to save for a new car, $150 each pay check.(remember this is what works for me I only have myself to look after, other digits may work better for you) Those are just a few things, you may want to go more in depth. Dave even recommends to know where every penny is going to go if you can. 
God calls us to be wise with the money he has graciously given us. There is so so so much more to this topic. I really encourage if you're  struggling or just need some more tips to read one or more of Dave Ramsey's books! They are wonderful. I was blessed to learn about how to spend and save early on. When I entered high school just four short years ago, a new class was starting called Personal Finance and I took it. I've always been a saver and it is never too late to start! I have a full time job and am living with my parents, I don't have many bills to pay or a family to support so who am I to be giving advise? I really feel led to talk about the green stuff in our pockets and encourage you toward financial peace, and stability. You may be living pay check to pay check and can hardly see the light at the end of the tunnel but trust that God will provide for you! He loves you and He is providing for you each and every day! After all, on all our cash and change it says "in God we trust"!!! Go ahead check it out!! I hope and pray this is an encouragement to you and not an accusation especially with this being my second blog post:] 

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  1. I love Dave Ramsey. I did a daily reading of his on my bible app. & I took notes. LOTS of notes! I have somethings to pay off [well me & the hubs!] & we def need to work on our spending!!

  2. You're such an inspiration! Handling finances well is a real challenge for most people, and having a savings is a great solution. Who wouldn't want to be out of debts, mortgages, and other financial problems, right? I think everyone does. Thanks for sharing this, by the way. I hope everyone will get inspired on this just like me. Abdul Jackson @