Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you

Every so often God gives me a huge revelation about the most simplest things. I am here to stir your faith up and encourage you because God is GOOD!

I was driving in my car just thinking and praying one day. I was asking God why others seem to appear more close to Him. What's so special about them that they are basking in the glory, mountains are moving, they are experiencing the prophetic and are hearing God unlike anyone else?? When I thought of this Jesse Duplantis came to mind. God immediately spoke to me and said, "You can be as close to me as you want to be"

It clicked! REVELATION!! It's not about God CHOOSING "special" people who only get to experience Him in those ways, it's about YOU! It's your decision not His!! It's about how willing you are to SEEK HIS FACE, communicate with Him all the time and have a relationship with Him. DRAW NEAR TO HIM AND HE WILL DRAW NEAR TO YOU!. Uh Duuuhh! God is a genius. Just sayin.

How can it be that simple yet nobody gets it? Alot of people don't want to do the work. Yes, it takes work and discipline to be basking in the Glory. Thats the Lord's treasure and if you want some of it, you follow the map and find it. The map is the bible. Read it, study it and learn from it. It is a life manual created by the creator Himself. It contains the secret to getting close to God.

During my drive, I also thought of Moses. . That man obeyed his every command and sought his face. Ask and you shall recieve was definitely shown with his story. He asked God to see His Glory and that's what he got! If you draw near to Him and fully give your heart then God can show you himself in a real way.

Don't get confused with the supernatural and glory. People often are looking for the supernatural and miss God. God isn't smoke and lights. He's LOVE. His glory is his goodness! Don't seek the manifestations, seek His face just for the sake of knowing Him.

I love how God can take a simple question and explain everything in one sentence with the help of the Holy Spirit. Deep revelation for simple things.

Who knew "you can be as close to me as you want to be" meant so much.

So I encourage you to seek, pray and learn. When you are in the presence you learn new things about Him every time. Show yourself faithful and you will be rewarded because God is faithful and a rewarder who diligently seek him.

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  1. Such a great post. We need to remember this but it's so easy to forget.