Monday, November 5, 2012

Protect your heart

Talk about pressure.

Pressure to be the first "writer" up to present our blog.

I am just going to throw myself out there & let you know, I am a sinner. I need Jesus in my life every day. And every second of that day. Do I forget that sometimes? Do I let the world whirl me away? Absolutely. And that is where I know I am not perfect, but a sinner. That's where Jesus comes in.

He gave me life.

Not just any life either.

But ever lasting life. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

I am not quite that you heard me (or read me) right... But this life isn't "it".

I just want you to know that. And when you need somebody, He's there. ALWAYS.

I have a big problem when I "mess up".. I run. Yep, I just admitted that. Isn't that the time we should turn to Him most? YES. But I don't. Well I didn't. I am trying my hardest to keep turning to Him. It's like I get embarrassed, but He already knows I messed up.

Just repent!!

I want to tell you a little bit about me.

I'm Tiffany. I am unmarried with 2 kids. Yep, you guessed it.. This is my biggest stronghold I have going on in my life right now. We are getting married in January, but my heart has been really heavy about this. I made some mistakes in my past that leads me up to where I am. And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in my life. But. I am still struggling.

See, I told you I was a sinner. And not perfect.

 Each day I strive to be in the Word. And this may not be a lot to you, but it is for me.. I have currently been in the Word for 22 straight days. Not a day that has gone by that I didn't miss. 

That is a lot. I have held myself accountable to me, but mostly to other girls in my life. And I tell you what if you do not have someone else to hold you accountable, you need to get on that. I can't fathom you'd be disappointed. 

I keep a stack of notecards with me whenever I am in the Word. And I write out verses that speak to me at that moment.. And I write them down & down & down & down. I am a hoarder or writing verses.
I will leave you with this verse...

Matthew 24:12 -- Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.

Does this scare anyone else but me? Do you see this everywhere you look? There is so much evil in our world today, most people's hearts have grown stone cold. Don't let yourself grow cold. Protect you heart with the Word of the Lord & your heart will have nothing but love.


  1. Our pastor just preached on this yesterday...with so much in the temporal world...right before our eyes, it's so easy to fall to sin because that's the nature of our hearts, anyway.
    So how do we keep our eyes on the UNSEEN? The most important thing.
    Staying in the Word is a good way to do that. But IN the Word is different than just "in" the Word.
    Know what I mean? Anyway. Great post!!

  2. Oh girl...............I can totally relate!!!!!!! I love your honesty!!!!!

  3. Love this! We all mess up but Jesus is right there to hold our hands and we're forgiven! Praise God for that!

  4. Amazing!! You.. this post.. our God.. all are amazing!