Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We as believers are a target for Satan.
He is plotting a scheming at this very minute.
Before, as sinners we were a non-factor. NOW, that we saved by Gods Grace...we are so so powerful. The Devil is shaking in hell right now because he know he stands no chance against the Church.
This is why Satan wants to take us out.
 Derail our lives.
 If he puts a little bit of doubt...a little bit of anger...
a little bit of unforgiveness in our hearts, he can poison our walk.
Causing us to derail from that drunkenness we have on Christs love.
I say drunkenness because that is how I feel...I am on a spiritual high.
Now that we are saved...we start noticing all sorts of problems.
Problems we didn't even HAVE before we met Christ.
That problem has a root...poison. That poison is Satan.
He is there...tempting, plotting and devouring believers every day.
As believers we can wonder...why does Christ allow Satan this power over us. is because Christ wants you to choose HIM.
Has your perspective been poisoned?
Have you looked at circumstances in your life and ever really thought about the root to that problem?
Can you lift your vision above your current "schemed" circumstance?
 Friends we have to lift our eyes to the heavens. Because there is where our hope lies.
 If we choose to continue to stare at that mountain of circumstance,
then we will never be free from Satan's poison.
Satan doesn't need to physically kill us.
All he has to do is fog up our perspective a bit and add a little poison.
If all you see is sickness...that is poison. See Jesus- see the healer!
If all you see is an average life...that is poison.
See Jesus- he died on the cross so you could have an amazing life!


  1. That totally creeps me out when I really think about it. But it's true!
    Keep your eyes heavenward!

  2. So true! The more I speak and write about the truth, the more I feel Satan attempting to poison my thoughts and perspective. That spiritual battle is real!