Monday, November 12, 2012

Be faithful with your gift

I am coming off of a high. Actually I am still enduring the high.

A high of a conference I'm attending at church.

And holy cow, the place is so spirit filled with people that are so broken & have the love of Jesus Christ. Oh & yes I fit into both of those categories.

The amount of people I watch get saved, I was in awe. My eyes welled up with tears. Tears of happiness, tears of joy, tears of oh my gosh can I just give you a big ole hug?

But me.. I quietly sat there fighting back those tears of joy but screaming in the inside. WOOHOO you just received the best gift of your life.

As I sat there during the sermons & watched the speakers preach... I felt the Spirit. And by felt.. I get the chills all over my arms. Every single time. It gives me goosebumps & it makes me giddy.

I think for me what hit most close to home is being faithful to God & using the gifts He created for me.

And by gifts I do not mean your house, your car, your kids, your fantabulous rock you have on your finger.. I mean the gift of teaching, gift of preaching, the gift of writing, the gift of leading, the gift of ___________ you fill in the blank.

If you know me on a personal level you know I have been more than unhappy in my job but I tell you I pray every morning in the car, "please God pour your love through me, let me have a great day, & let you shine through me." By the end of the day is, "God please place me in a new job, guide me, show me, direct me, I am begging you."

Big difference. I thank Him for the job I do have at every moment, mad or happy because financially it helps provide.

But this weekend John Bevere, stated God gives us gifts - a specific gift of grace that gives ME the empowerment to fulfill what I've been created for.

I can't help but think holy crap the gift God has given me is not where I am at professionally. But I am questioning what this "gift" is He has provided me with. Did I miss that somewhere? Do I really know it? Am I just running from it? Do I keep pushing it to the side?

No I didn't miss it. Yes I do know it. Yes I am running from it. And yes... I do keep pushing it to the side.

Matthew 25:25 -- So I was afraid & went out & hid your talent in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you.

Well if that wasn't a slap in the face I don't know what is. 

And in Matthew 25:26 He states - His master replied, "You wicked lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown & gather where I have not scattered seed?"

Let me show you this
  • God does NOT distribute gifts evenly. So you may have 10 gifts, where me.. I have 2. 
  • If you are not multiplying you have the wrong perception of God. So... Am I multiplying?
  • Your fear & intimidation will hide your gifts. Quit running Tiffany, quit running.
  • Those who multiply = faithful & good. TRUTH
  • Those who maintain = wicked & lazy. HELLO WAKE UP CALL
  • God does NOT bless the lazy person. AMEN
photo credit: tiffany

Remember faithful = multiply

1 Peter 4:10 -- Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others faithfully administering God's grace in various forms.   

Remember your gift is different from mine, from the next person & the next.