Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You are Loved

God's love for us can be overwhelming when we really think about it. How is it that we can feel enveloped in his embrace and He's not even physically here? It amazes me. HE amazes me. This love is unexplainable and undeniable and nothing can separate us from God's love.

What is overwhelming is that the love of Christ does not waiver. Our actions, thoughts, words and life does not determine the amount of love He gives us.

Who we are on this earth is not determined by the names we are given but by the relationship that we have with Jesus. THAT makes us who we are and that is where our love for God deepens. No matter our circumstances, obstacles, triumphs and tribulations, we will always be drawn to go deeper. Our souls cry out if we are not constantly tapping into deeper waters. Quenching our spiritual thirst. Never let where you are determine who you are in Christ. Our earthly troubles should not change our love for Him. He is always a good God. Faithful to His word and we can always count on the fact that He has already ordered our steps. NOTHING that happens in this life catches God by surprise. We can trust Him.

God is not looking for perfection, He is looking for a pursuit. We are not perfect but in God's eyes we are. He sees no flaws in us. He sees us as beautiful. White as snow thanks to the blood of Jesus. All because he loves us. He doesn't judge. He forgives

My prayer for you is that you will receive a fresh fire. A deep longing and desire to know Him more. To love more deeply and that nothing will satisfy but His love. Love Him with a violent love. When you are in love with Jesus anything is possible.

So I encourage you to go deeper. Wherever you are God will meet you there. Seek His face and remember, Jesus LOVES the hell out of you!


  1. Makes me think of that song His Love Never Fails...heard that on my way home this morning. I love it.