Tuesday, June 25, 2013

God is love and love is God part 3

(via Dream Center)
In the midst of the worst times of their lives they were encouraging me. They were speaking God 's word to me, scripture after scripture. Telling me to dream.
That was unbelievable to me. How could some be so happy and upbeat when they were living like this?
THEY were still trusting God. They told me God wasn't done with them yet and God still had a plan.
That was so powerful to me.
Some days when I'm down and feeling blue, it can sometimes be hard for me to be that positive. Especially when I'm grumpy.
So how is it that people who lost everything, LIVING ON THE STREETS surrounded by urine everywhere, drug addicted and hungry can tell me that God is good!?
When you really sit back and think about it, on our grumpiest, bad days... God is good.
God is still God.
He never changes. 
Our day to day lives are always changing but God is always the same. Always loving us. Always wanting our attention.
Seeing these people living in their cardboard boxes and laying on the side walk with their trash piled around them was hard. It was eye opening.
Street after street. Sidewalk after sidewalk..
It made my heart ache.
Their faces and words of encouragement will forever be in my heart.
So remember, your worst day is someone else's dream life and even living on the streets they still love God and they still can smile.
Be thankful for what you have and praise God for the good and bad.

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