Monday, June 17, 2013

God is my Father

God has so many names. God has a name for our every need.

When you begin your prayer, what name do you mostly call Him? 90% of the time I call him my Father. I love that. I look at my earthly father & how much he cherishes me & loves me & then think to myself... God feels the same way & that makes my heart happy.

In light of Father's Day yesterday I figured I'd touch a bit on this. Father's Day reflects our earthy father's but why not it reflect our heavenly Father? This year was the first year I actually thought about it in that perspective. I thank Him for my every big & little thing I have on this earth & just knowing He is the Father over all things is simply amazing.

I pray that we realize that no matter how our fathers are on earth, good, bad, excellent, loving, rude.. Whatever it may be.. Our God is nothing short of the Father of amazingness & everything good. I pray that we see Him as our Father each & every day. Amen.

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