Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Scripture Memorization

In a recent Bible study that I have completed, I was asked to write down a few scriptures. I am going to be honest and say, I have always wrote down scriptures. But I have never really worked on memorizing them.

I don't know why I have a hard time memorizing scripture, but I do. I can memorize a song, lines from a movie, but struggle at remember the Word of God. Conviction fell over me. I wrote down the scripture on my neon yellow index card. After that, I made it my JOB to learn these scriptures. These three scriptures on Thoughts, Words and Actions. How to live a life pleasing to God.

I placed them in a spot where I always have a few moments of nothing to do....
While I am waiting for the conditioner to set in my hair...
Or searching for a quiet 5 minutes away from fighting kids...
You know that place...

Often I find myself reading the shampoo bottles. Ingredients and all. Why not read scripture. Plus this was a good way to get scripture into my whole family. My boys are beginner readers and my daughter is at the age to understand the word.

That is how I have started keeping some of my scripture cards. Visible. Having them tucked inside my Bible did nothing for me. They were often in the way during church or became scratch paper for the kids. Here I can see them daily.

How do you memorize scripture?

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  1. such a great idea. Im the same, reading shampoo bottles and labels and such! I need to do this!