Monday, June 3, 2013

"So I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness.."

Ladies I am so excited to be back writing again!! We took a nice long month "off" but spent the lovely time praying over our children. Not that we don't do that always, but we focused on it last month. 

Before I write I spend time praying about what I should write about. As I was spending some quiet time with the Lord while the children napped it came to me.


Remember those awesome school or even work assignments you got... List all your strengths & weaknesses. I always dreaded those. Or better yet, when you are sitting there for an interview & they ask you that question.

In my journal I was writing out 2 Corinthians 12:9 & I thought to myself I am actually looking forward to making a ginormous list of weaknesses.. WHY? Oh because God will be there with His power & make me stronger. His power is made perfect in MY weakness. Say what? Yes. Amazing.

So that list I was telling you about... Here are my weakness and definitely not all of them.
  • Confronting issues -- this girl right here hates confrontation, ask my husband.
  • Sharing my faith -- I struggle opening up & being like hey guess what, Jesus is my Lord! And it's not just sharing it, it's more of being courageous to speak Truth to nonbelievers.
  • Handling finances -- now, we pay all all our bills, that is not the issue.. the issue is overspending on things I don't need. Like 8 maxi skirts. 
  • Walking in faith consistently -- not just whenever it's convenient for me. When I go on vacation it's like I also go on biblecation. I think God will pick up with me when I get back. Um nope, He's there with me along the way. I need to be committed in those times out of the norm.
  • Resisting temptation -- what can I say? I give into peer pressure sometimes, ie. those 8 maxi skirts because I can't live without them... Right.
  • Trusting God with His plan & ditching my own plan 
  • Sticking up for myself -- who is a pushover? This girl.
  • Debt -- Hello student loans, I would love to say goodbye to you at any point.
And literally this list could go on.. And on.. And on... But I will stop here for now. 

I am here today to tell you...

I encourage you to get our your journal or a notebook or an index card or even what you write your groceries on.. Make a list of your weaknesses. Pray over them. Ask for God to help you through them. Trust that He WILL be the power in those. 

Father, I just pray that our weaknesses as women are not hindering us from being who you want us to be. I pray that You will be the Lord in their life to reign Your almighty power over their weaknesses. Allow these ladies to trust in You to overcome their weaknesses. AMEN.

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