Monday, June 24, 2013

It's a generation thing

You know it's a God thing when you go to church & your sermon is over how we are all in this together, one generation helping another generation out. And then you start a new bible study with your sister & a topic of a generation not helping out the other.

Say what? So God what are you trying to tell me?

What He is telling ALL of us is that we need to invest in the other generations too. For us moms, invest in our kids! For us moms, invest in our parents! It's a continuous cycle.

If we don't teach our kids the Truth & about God. Who will?

This morning I went to church & I was checking in my kids, when the thought popped up. Henry just had a birthday, will he be switching rooms? I got excited because that means he'd be with a bit older kids & starting to do activities. Then I panicked. That kid did not want to change rooms. It has been a battle with him. Eventually he went in with a big of a fight. When I went to pick him up they gave me a memory verse + sign language to teach him.

 In my bible study, Priscilla Shirer, said that every morning before she drops her kids off she says Scripture to them.

So 2 things I will be working on this week for investing in another generation is simple - memorize Scripture with them & speak Truth to my kids.

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