Monday, September 23, 2013

Guest Post - Stop, Look, Listen, & Obey

When I started my blog, Peace it all Together, in April 2012, I had no intention of being a person of influence. I simply wanted a place to share my stories of family and faith, and the struggles and blessings that came along with them. However, as time passed, and I got more and more comments about how my words and posts encouraged others, I became more convinced that I was being an influence, despite what I had planned. As a result, I have become more intentional about being a person of influence, and have found the following to be helpful... 
STOP - Life is crazy. Busy. Intense. Or, maybe that's just for me. If I don't stop once in awhile, if I just keep going through the days without thinking of anything except the next item on my to do list, I will miss the opportunity to impact people in a positive way. Living in constant movement. It's how can I go weeks without talking to a friend, without even realizing it. Influence requires stillness.
LOOK - Once you've stopped, the next task is looking. Search your surroundings and your contacts for someone who needs something. Maybe it's a meal, a kind word, or a note on their dashboard. If you take the time to really look, you will see the need. It will be evident.
LISTEN & OBEY - Even when we have stopped and have identified a need, we don't often listen to that still, small voice that is nudging us. In order to influence we have to act. We have to be in tune with that voice and follow it's pleas. For me, that voice comes from God. It is only because I began listening and obeying His voice that I have been able to provide encouragement and support to others, even when I didn't feel worthy or capable of doing it.
The bottom line is we are all influential in one way or another. But, being a person of influence is not only about what I do, it is about being ready and open to what God wants to do through me. We can just let it happen or we can be intentional about it.

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