Monday, September 16, 2013

My "coffee & Jesus station"

I am like the most non artistic person there is, seriously. I think Teryn takes the cake on our blog for the most artsy. Her projects are so adorable. My house is somewhat lacking in the homey touches or the decor.

The other week I saw on Instagram a little coffee & Jesus area in her kitchen & I thought to myself, okay I can accomplish this! So I did.

You know the phrase, "All I need today is a little bit of coffee & a whole lot of Jesus." -- Whoever came up with this, GENIUS.

How true is it that we fuel our bodies with coffee to get us through the day (well for us coffee drinkers)? Our body should be fueled by Jesus, with a side of coffee.

I set off to find a printable & The Yellow Pineapple blog had one for free! So I printed that one off, got a wood frame from Michaels, painted it, & put that print in there! And then I added a little mason jar with some cute little straws to add to my "station". And if you are going to ask if I drink coffee through a straw, the answer is no, unless it's cold & from Starbucks. BUT they do say drinking through a straw helps prevent coffee stained teeth!! Whatever it is, I just wanted a pretty little touch. Not to mention I got some straws for different seasons too :)

I hope you have an amazing Monday & a blessed week!

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