Monday, September 30, 2013

I am a servant

I am a servant.

A servant of Christ.

A servant to my husband.

A servant for my kids.

A servant of my home.

I am currently reviewing a book, Women Living Well, by Courtney Joseph.. It comes out TOMORROW, October 1st. I would highly suggest adding this to your books to read.

This book has been life changing. She is so powerful & speaks Truth about the world us ladies live in & our biblical roles. She was so bold to step out in her faith & say some of the things she has said in this book & it is all biblical truth. 

Let me reiterate, this book has been life changing. I have seen changes in my life already. I have seen changes in my relationship with Christ. My husband has seen changes in me & has mentioned it to me. The ways I am dealing with my children have changed. My view on life, this world, everything, it all has changed.

From a book.

There has been no other book other than the Bible that has impacted me this way. 

I will touch on a lot of things in future posts, but I really want to focus on being a servant because this is the one that has hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was completely aware that I am a servant for Christ. I would say most believers do believe this. But my view has broadened of this... I am a servant for my family. And being a servant of your family glorifies non other than our Yahweh!!

I kid you not. Yesterday I was cleaning toilets & in the past year I've gotten in such a great routine cleaning I don't exactly "complain" about it anymore. But just this weekend I've realized what a JOY it is to clean my 3 toilets for my family & any of our friends that come to our house.

Profound right? I get joy cleaning toilets!! But the whole time I was pretty much excited talking to God in my head thinking, if no one else did this.. My family wouldn't have clean toilets to sit on, they appreciate clean toilets, they may take it for granted as I do too, but without me we may not have clean toilets! Now now I am not saying my husband is lazy & wouldn't clean them if he had to, I am just saying for me as a woman, this is what I feel like my role is. Making my house clean & comfy for my family. I want our house to be a house we really call home. 

So next time you are cleaning your toilets, instead of thinking.. Not again, this is such a drag, I hate this.. Think I GET to clean the toilets for my family. 

"What makes a home a haven? It's not the things we have or the things we do not have that make our homes havens. It's you, my dear reader; you are the key to making the home a haven." -- Courtney Joseph, Women Living Well 

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  1. Man, do I need this book!! I am having a tough time with servanthood. I've come a long way from how I used to be but it still is hard to serve when you don't feel appreciated. Phew, I need this. Thank you!