Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Learning From The Teacher

Recently, I have been doing the Beth Moore study of Deuteronomy with some ladies at my church on Thursday evenings. I tell you what this is where I am supposed to be!! There are things that have stuck with me throughout this study and they keep running through my mind.

One of the things Beth said that stuck out to me was when she was talking about God taking care of the Israelites. She says, "God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, to bring them into the promised land". Over and over she has been saying that! Every time it punches me in the face! SMACK! God has brought us out to bring us in! Right now I am in the middle, where the Israelites are walking from Egypt toward the promised land. Waiting for Him to bring me into His amazing plans for my life. I have been doing a lot of waiting but can you imagine how the Israelites felt??? They wandered the deserts for forty years and we complain because we don't get something the instant we ask for it! I believe that really puts perspective on things!!

Something else she said that has been sticking out to me is that a story she tells about her and her husband. I will paraphrase it! Beth and her husband Keith were going hunting together. All of a sudden Keith stops and points his gun at something in the distance. She leans over and asks, "Do you see something"? He doesn't say anything to her but motions for her to lean her head on his right shoulder and look down the barrel of the gun.  Then he points and says, "See?" At the end of the gun some ways away is a dear. Doesn't this happen with God and us? How many times do we ask God why he is doing something? Then pretty soon we lean our heads over on his shoulder and He says, "See"? He is pointing and showing us what our future holds we just have to get there. I have been thinking lately... how many times do I question God and not squint my eyes enough to see what he is pointing at? I know there are times when I miss that message but other times He only has to tell me once and I'll hold on to that forever!

I just thought it would be nice to share what God has been teaching me:] What has He been teaching you?? Have a great week ladies <3

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