Monday, April 15, 2013

Bible Studyin'

Going off Kelly's last post of Forming Healthy Habits I am going to share how I stay accountable as well.

I love my bible. Who doesn't? I love the way that 5lb book looks & feels. I love what it brings me every time I open it. Ask my husband if I carry it up & down the stairs about 50 times a day. I joke not. If I am upstairs 99% of the time it is upstairs with me & vice versa. As I stand here in the kitchen typing away on the island, guess where my Bible is.. 1 foot away from me, on the island.

Whenever I get that second, those 5 minutes of peace & quiet I snatch it up & read it. I work 40 hours a week & try to tend to a lot of household activities as well as being a wife & mother so every moment I get to be in the Word, I do it.

My friend told me this week I am such an inspiration, coming from one of my friends I look up to in my Walk with the Lord I was astonished. Flattered. It made my day to know that what I do, how I do it, someone else looks & thinks wow she is an inspiration.

I am currently reading the Bible in a Year in Chronological order. I started it back in October. I am 184 days in. Everyone says it takes 30 days to make it a habit and I did. Sometimes I chose to go elsewhere in the Word & pick up my daily read the next day. But this is one thing I am not behind on.

Also - Bible Studies. I am a baby when it comes to knowledge. I mean it. I know stuff but I still have to reference A LOT. I use Bible Studies to grow, to learn, to stay in the Word, spend time with friends, & be accountable. When I am in a Bible Study those are my strongest moments in my Walk.

Since October I've completed 2 studies & almost finished up a 3rd one & just started a 4th one.

I want to share the 2 studies I just finished & I highly recommend them BOTH.

1. When Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth Moore

2. Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
 This picture is bittersweet. It was my first study I ever did with my sister & those were the last few questions of it.

If studies intimidate you because I won't lie they intimidated me at first too, don't let them. I was afraid my answer would be wrong or I wouldn't want to share my answer that I poured my heart into. Guess what - other women are in that same boat. No one MAAAAKES you share anything. If you feel led my the Spirit to share things, do it. And guess what - not one single answer is wrong because guess who helped you answer the questions? God did. And oh He is never wrong.

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  1. I love Beth Moore! God has given her such a gift to minister to women!
    I have to check the other one out.