Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Created for amazing things

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Have you ever thought about what you were really created for?
Our day to day lives aren't who we really are.
Why is it that when people meet us, one of the first things they ask is what do you do for a living?
Why do our jobs have to define us?
God places us in those jobs and the everyday lives that we live to create opportunities to share His love.
We were created to love and be loved.
We were created to do God's work here on earth.
If you really think deep, our everyday lives are meaningless unless it's about God's kingdom and us seeking God.
When we get to Heaven, God isn't going to ask us what kind of degrees we obtained, what jobs we had or who our friends were... He's going to ask what we did for His Kingdom!
Remember, you were created for BIG things. You were created for amazing things!

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