Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forming Healthy Habits: Physical Life

We are continuing to work this week on forming healthy habits. Last week I wrote about our spiritual life, which is most important to our overall well-being. This week, we're focusing on our physical health. Yes, this is something that the world focuses WAY too much on. At any given time, 50% of women are "dieting". Take a look at some of these statistics:

According to the Calorie Control Council National Consumer Survey:
  • 54% of adults were currently dieting or trying to lose weight in 2010
  • 86% of those adults trying to lose weight were doing so by cutting on foods high in sugar as their primary choice of a healthier habit
  • 69% of those dieters, KNEW they weren't losing weight because they weren't exercising
And according to Marketdata, Americans spent $65 BILLION in weight loss products in 2012.

The sad thing is, 90-95% of all dieters, put that weight back on in 1-5 years time. 
It's time to start getting healthy.

Here what's God says: 
1 Corinthians 6:19-20 
"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body."

I will be more than honest to start with myself on this one. I have ALWAYS been self conscious about my weight and body type. I have been 5'4 since 8th grade and weighed around 105-110 lbs throughout high school. However, I got a big booty. Some people wish for more junk in the trunk... I just wanna move the junk in the trunk up to the shelf, ya know what I'm sayin girl?! And I'll never forget comments that were made about my big butt. I was an athlete in high school and college. (Yes cheerleading is a sport, tumbling and lifting people in the air are involved. So yes, I was an athlete.) When I got married and stopped cheering, I lost a bit of my toned body. Then I moved to Arizona, where just about everyone is all about going to the gym, and dieting, and cleanses, and one girl even said to me my first day at work, "Oh my gosh are you really gonna eat that whole piece of pizza?" I was like, "Heck yeah, this is some dang good pizza! And I'm thinking of getting a Frosty's later too!" The mind set on the West Coast is SO body conscious, to an extreme a lot of times. I didn't understand why everyone was so concerned of how others thought of them. But I guess that's our insecurities, especially us women. Trust me, I have them too, ALL the time!

So then I got pregnant, and I loved being pregnant. I didn't care about stretch marks. I ate what I wanted, didn't care about the weight. I only gained about 25 lbs with my son Miles but afterward, it was tough to see how others looked at me, thinking of how they might judge me. Some people might have commented on how great I looked after having a baby or how my waist was so tiny. But trust me... I was hiding as much as I could...all the other faults under my clothes and as a burden on my shoulders. Even from my husband - I sucked in all the time (still do) and didn't want him to see the places of my body that had stretched and gotten a lot less firm. As time passed, I realized I was my own worst judge. I wasn't happy with myself and I was the one who could do something about it. Yet, time and time again, God would remind me that He loved me for my heart and my soul. Yes, I needed to take care of the body he has given me... but I didn't need to hate or be ashamed of something Christ loved.

So here's what I did:
  • Looked at the food in my house: About 2 years ago, I stopped buying (most) of the foods that were bad for me. If it wasn't in the house, then it was less likely of a chance that I was going to eat it. This included regular and diet pop, cookies, chips, sugary cereals, sugary drinks. It was kind of like an out of sight, out of mind. 
  • Made a conscious effort to change my eating habits: I started intentionally choosing healthier foods at home or out to eat. If you know me and my husband, we are picky eaters. We both hate veggies. But, we had to try to get healthy so we started with more salads and less burgers, edamame instead of chips, more chicken, more eggs. We choose frozen yogurt instead of ice cream (sometimes). And we stopped drinking pop and started drinking water as much as possible. I can honestly tell you what a difference that has made!
  • I got moving. For me that was outside. Now depending on where you live and what your weather is like right now, this may be tricky. But, since I live in Arizona and our weather is sunny and warm 95% of the time.. I had no excuse. I had a jogging stroller for Miles and I had tennis shoes. So now, I can tell you that every day in April so far, I have done some sort of exercise outside. I usually do a run, hike, walk pattern during the week and if for some reason I can't do one of those, I go to my backyard, or my loft, and do whatever I know will work my muscles and get my heart rate up. 
    • For example, I run or walk for a least 30 minutes. Or I hike up a mountain and down, with my son in tow. Extra 18lbs, let me tell you, that's a work out!
    • Lounges, Squats, Leg Lifts... easy things that don't require a gym membership or equipment
    • Abs - sit ups, crunches, planks. More things that don't require a gym membership or equipment.
    • DANCE - turn on some old school 90s hip hop/Jock Jams and dance! Do it while you clean or have your head phones in! Act like you're at a wedding reception without your kiddos and LET LOOSE! Get your hubby in on it! (Just remember to close your blinds.)
    • Quit looking for that closest parking spot at the grocery store or the mall... you can walk a little extra further, I promise it won't hurt!
Now listen, I'm not saying I'm never lazy.. or that I'd really like some Taco Bell. Trust me, completely changing your eating and exercise lifestyle is not easy. But I'm trying and I think that's what counts. My goal is not to necessarily lose weight, but to get fit! So... Now it's your turn - One step at a time. All I'm encouraging you to do is to take care the temple, the body, Christ has given to you. God loves you and wants what's best for you. Take a minute to think about what you put into your body... the kind of food, drink, candy, diet products. Think about how you choose to exercise, or do you? Take care of yourself. Be an example for your family. Be around for your family. Take care of your temple.


  1. Starting to change my eating habits was also hard. I educated myself and it motivated me to press on.

  2. Its really true our habits makes our health gradation or loss. Eating habits must be proper and must be checked from time to time.

    Wealth from waste