Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let it Rain

I think in height of what has happened with Boston. We would take a moment from our Fruits of the Spirit Series and say a prayer for all of those who were affected by the tragedy.

Heavenly Father, In this time of pain and sorrow we ask that you rain over us with your spirit. Open the Flood Gates of Heaven and drench us in your merciful healing. Smother those affected by this disaster, with your love and mend their broken hearts. I pray that those once dry specs of hopelessness be drenched in your spirit, lifting them higher and giving them hope. Let it Rain Lord. Let it Rain. ~Amen

Yesterday while I was getting ready for my day, I heard a song by Jesus Culture. Brought me to tears. All I could think about was those were were lost during the Boston tragedy. Let it Rain, God... Let it Rain.

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