Saturday, April 13, 2013

{DIY} Decorative Topiary


Styrofoam Ball (size up to you)
Styrofoam Cube
Spanish Moss
Glue Gun/Sticks
Newspaper for easy clean up
Stand for Topiary (mine is from Ross)
Rope or jute
Round Dowels
Green thread (optional)

Place the Styrofoam cube inside of your container. my cube was slightly larger then the container and I just shoved in inside. Nice firm fit.

Insert dowel inside sphere and cube (centered) Use hot glue to secured hold.

The rope I had on hand was larger then I needed. I unraveled the strands to form smaller stripes.
Jute would also be a good item to use here.

I wrapped the rope strand around the dowel for a "wood" effect. Gluing as I wrapped.

This is a must watch Duck Dynasty while you craft. Otherwise, your whole project will be incomplete. (*wink) Add hot glue to any area on your sphere and attach moss. I started with the top of the sphere on my first topiary, but I would recommend the bottom by the dowel as the area to start with. I did this for my second topiary and it was much easier.

This project WILL be messy! To secure all the loose pieces I used green thread, wrapped it all over my topiary. You can only see the thread if you look really close.

Consider it a "hair net" for your topiary.


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