Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY~ Makeup Palette

This post was originally from my personal blog. It has been one of my most visited and pinned posts. With Spring Break coming in just a few weeks. I thought I would share this with you. Maybe you have a teenager in your life that needs something to keep them occupied. None the less...I love this craft and how it has simplified my makeup organization.
So I had this genius idea to make them into ONE GIANORMOUS makeup palette.
So I went to my trusty YouTube and watched one video...sorry I can not remember who it was.
She took a hard cover book and cut the cover off and then RETAPED it back together.
It didn't make any sense to me to cut it apart. So I came up with my own version of this project.
BOOYA....Dollar Store Style!
Caus' that's "how I roll"...el cheapo!
Here is what you will need.

1. Dollar Store Book...this one was very thin. Small enough that I was able to fit a piece of foam board in it nicely.
2. Dollar Store Foam Board
3. Magnetic Paper (Michael's $9.99 for a HUGE roll)...
or you could buy Magnetic strips from the Dollar Store.
4. Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
5. Exacto Knife and Scissors
6. Duct Tape
7.Craft Paper (optional)

(clockwise) Dollar Store book, remove the pages using your exacto knife. Keeping the book still intact. Measure your foam board to the inside of the book and cut with your exacto knife.

(clockwise) Foam board will fit perfectly into the book. This will become your padding and frame for your palette. Measure out the width that you would like your palette frame.

I used 3/4" all the way around. Cut out the inside of the should end up with, well a frame like piece. Set aside. Begin taping the cover of your book. Starting with the binding first. Cliche I know, I used Zebra print.

(Clockwise) Continue taping the cover of your book. Moving on to the frame again. Cover your frame in another color of tape if you choose. I went with Black. It was easier for me to lay the foam on top of the tape and then cut the tape to fold into the corners of the frame. Sorta like your were wrapping a gift. I didn't want a bunched up mess from wrapping the tape around the frame.

(Clockwise) Continue the taping process around the frame. End result is a clean wrapped frame. I taped off the inside of the TOP portion of my "palette". Leaving the bottom portion exposed. Then I Measured and cut my magnetic paper to fit the lower half of my palette.

This is where my shadows will be placed. Again if you are using the magnetic strips from Dollar Tree, just measure and cut them to fit. BUT you will want to cover the bottom portion with tape if you go this route. Otherwise your book cover be exposed...feel me...make it clean and pretty.

(Clockwise) The Magnetic Paper is super cool. Adhesive on one side and Magnetic on the other. Just peel and stick to the lower portion of the palette. I hot glued my frame over the magnetic sheet. For the top portion of my palette I wanted to dress it up a bit. I added some scrap booking paper (optional)

and Viola!

Now I have a custom eyeshadow palette.

*I did have a little bit of trouble keeping the eyeshadow pans to stick to the magnetic sheet. I think it may have been the WNW pans, so I just hot glued them in place. But you should not have any problem with other brands*

This palette fits perfectly in my bathroom with all my other palettes.
Fact I actually made TWO of these babys. Here is my other. Still room for more shadows.

Go my little pretties and be crafty.

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