Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What are you consumed with?

Let this be a reminder to be consumed by God and not by worldy posessions. I know as women, it's hard not to love all the clothes, shoes and make-up or for me it's home decor. To be honest sometimes I let decorating consume all my time. I constantly have to take a step back and re-evaluate where all my time is going to. What consumes your time consumes your heart.

God wants all of us. All of our hearts. Not half our hearts but whole hearts. When our mind is elsewhere he doesn't have all of our heart, We must be careful that our hobbies and earthly posessions don't take the place of God in our hearts. When we choose those things over God time and time again they become idols in our lives. An idol doesn't have to be a statue of a fake god, just something that consumes us. Even blogging, the computer, our phones or ipads can become idols. Thats where most of our free time goes isn't it.

I encourage you to replace some of your time that you would typically spend doing those things and just have a time of worship and prayer.

Let our hearts be on fire for Jesus and not money.

Of course God wants to bless us with nice things and the money to be able to buy what we love, but we must also be careful that money doesn't take the place of God. I know that sounds silly but sometimes we can desire more money over more intimacy with God.

When we focus on the things of God and make his kingdom business our main concern her will reward us and make our priorities His.

Praise God for caring about the tiniest details and desires in our lives.

So what are you consumed with? Jesus' unfailing love or earthly posessions?

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