Friday, March 15, 2013

Jesus Calling

Today I want to share with you my devotional for today.  It is from the book Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, and has a devotional for each day.  If you have this book you may have already read it!  It hit home with me and I'll explain why after I share it with you.  It says...

"Listen to the love song that I am continually singing to you. 
I take great delight in you... I rejoice over you with singing.  
the voices of the world are a cacophony of chaos, pulling you this 
way and that.  Don't listen to those voices; challenge them with 
My Word.  Learn to take minibreaks from the world, finding a place 
to be still in Mu Presence and listen to My voice.  There is immense
 hidden treasure to be found through listening to Me.  
Though I pour out blessings upon you always, some of My richest 
blessings have to be actively sought.  I love to reveal Myself to you, 
and your seeking heart opens you up to receive more of My disclosure.  
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock 
and the door will be opened to you."

Zephaniah 3:17 
The Lord your God is in your midst;
he is a warrior who can deliver.
He takes great delight in you;
he renews you by his love;
he shouts for joy over you.”

This is special to me for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it echoes what we have talked about several times in the past and that is that we need to not listen to the voices around us that lead us away from the Lord's peace!

This also hit home because this is exactly what I had to do this past week!  My little one is teething and man oh man has he been Grouchy (with a capital G!).  After two particularly hard and fussy days I realized that I needed a break and that what I really needed was to spend some time with my Father.  I had been neglecting my spiritual life, not even really talking with the Lord until I was in bed and my prayers were usually cut short by me falling asleep from exhaustion!  I really felt the void from not spending that one on one time with him.  I needed one of those "minibreaks"! I called my mom and she was able to come over for about an hour while I ran across the street to Starbucks with my Bible and Beth Moore study in hand.  About 40 minutes in the word with no distractions and things started to feel lighter in my world again!  I love that it says, "Some of my richest blessings have to be actively sought."  I needed to MAKE that time for him.  I needed to actively seek him and it was so worth it!  Now it makes me think, what am I missing out on?  What blessings does he long to pour out on me that I'm missing because I'm not actively seeking him?  Something to think about... 


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  1. I finished a year of devotionals in Jesus Calling on the 10th of march. I really enjoyed that scripture it is a beautiful reminder of God's love for us.